It’s kind of crazy that humans and the cannabis plant have coexisted thousands of years (at least) and here we are still trying to figure out how much CBD to take!

Reed’s Remedies takes the dosing question out of your hands by delivering an exact measure of 7mgs of CBD formula with each spray. This is a boon for those of us who don’t like to handle oily droppers and regularly find ourselves inexactly guessing at amounts.

We recommend that, if you’re new to CBD dosing, you take your amounts in small multiples, using the oral spray a few times a day and noticing the effects as they mount. CBD won’t get you “high,” so you don’t need to worry about being impaired, but you do want to achieve the experience you seek. 

CBD dosing can be tricky as amounts aren’t yet recommended by the FDA, and that’s a shame. We are science-focused at Reed’s Remedies and the suppression of scientific investigation is part of the reason why our society is still so unsure about how to best use CBD.

While hemp has now been legalized across the United States, its sister plant cannabis is still federally illegal. This makes no sense once you understand the metaphor that hemp could be seen as a Eureka lemon and cannabis as a Meyer lemon: They’re both lemons.

Mountains of scientific studies produced by universities in the 20th-century point to CBD’s efficacy in regulating and healing the human body but, because it was illegal until 2018, that research has had no opportunity to be celebrated and explored. 

Nonagenarian Dr. Lester Grinspoon, the emeritus professor at Harvard Medical School who passed away just this last week of June, spent his prestigious career studying this plant’s effect. Dr. Grinspoon initially became interested in cannabis and hemp because he wanted to help the young people who, during the 1960s, were increasingly ingesting it. He was certain they were harming themselves.

Over the course of his research, which included many articles and books, he came to understand how the cannabinoids of this plant can play an integral role in human health. Turns out that the young people he was worried about weren’t hurting themselves. Perhaps they were even on to something! More soberly, he saw how the plant helped his own son during the boy’s final battle with leukemia, allowing him to keep food down and to fall more easily asleep.

Dr. Grinspoon celebrated his 92nd birthday the day before his death, yet the essentials of CBD are still to be unlocked. The 7 milligrams secured in a Reed’s Remedies spray is considered a middle dose, a Goldilocks — not too much, not too little. It’s a great place — and a safe place — to start.