Sometimes interpreted as a curse, the phrase “May you live in interesting times” has undeniable applications to our world today. All of us are impacted by the global pandemic and societal crises of the day, even if we try not to dwell upon them. Add working at home while teaching children, not being able to partake in ordinary activities, and possible financial concerns — and you’ve got a population wracked by these very interesting times.

Fortunately, we also live in a time where CBD is available to help maintain your calm and composure, allow you to be clear-headed, and to enjoy rest when you need it. Taken regularly, CBD has been proven to relax the body, allowing the mind to slow and center. 

If you are able to use it consistently, a dose of CBD is more effective at calming you immediately. Each dose of Reed’s Calm formula is accurately measured so that you are getting the correct amount of relief. Calm CBD can assist in providing a general sense of well-being that allows you to be a better partner, a better parent, and a better worker (not to mention teacher, cook, housekeeper, and gardener!). 

Reed's Remedies Calm CBD Spray

Reed’s Remedies Calm CBD Spray – FREE fast shipping on all orders!

With hints of earth and pine, Calm is designed to help you feel happier, allowing you to stay aware of the small good joys that are still available to all of us every day if we are able to notice them. During “interesting times,” true healing can come from enjoying a Zoom yoga class in your bedroom or the gift of fresh lemons from a neighbor’s tree. Relief is in enjoying a morning walk or sitting by an open window after a shower. 

Calm CBD allows you to slow down so that you can savor the moments that happen every day but which “normal life” usually just hurtles on past. Being centered enough to capture and savor those moments is a practice that we will take with us after this crisis has elapsed — and using Calm is an essential part of the plan.