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Reed's Remedies Sleep CBD Spray


500mg - $79

Promotes a restorative night’s sleep that leaves you refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to face the day.

Reed's Remedies Calm CBD Spray


500mg - $79

Works together with your body to resist stress and mental fatigue, so you can live each moment with peace of mind.

Reed's Remedies Relief CBD Spray


500mg - $79

Supports a healthy inflammatory response while maintaining joint health, so you can get back to doing more of what you love - fast.

Reed's Remedies Focus CBD Spray


500mg - $79

Supports mental clarity and brain health, so you can tackle your tasks with better concentration and less stress.

Reed's Remedies Detox CBD Spray


500mg - $79

Supports cellular health as well as a healthy inflammatory response, so you can feel your best — naturally.

Reed's Remedies Desire CBD Spray


500mg - $79

Helps set the right mindset and mood for relaxing and gratifying sexual encounters. 

Reed's Remedies Soothe Relief CBD Balm


500mg - $79

Reduce tension, unwind, and give your body a soothing touch of relief with this fast-acting balm.

Reed's Remedies CBD Gift Set

Gift Set


Save by bundling an oral spray of your choice and our topical relief balm.

Focus CBD Spray

Premium Hemp Wellness

Reed’s Remedies harnesses the power of steam-distilled hemp and a dynamic blend of plant-based compounds (called terpenes) to bring you reliable, safe, and easy to use wellness products… so that the best version of you is finally within reach.

Each blend is designed to work in total synergy with your body to achieve precise, reliable, and predictable relief with each with every use. The results? More time to focus on you and that’s powerful.