For reasons both mysterious and beautiful, the human body is entirely wired to interact with cannabinoids — and to produce its own version of them. Somehow, for some reason, our species evolved over the millennia to receive and benefit from the properties of the cannabis plant. According to a UCLA study, endocannabinoids — cannabis-like molecules that our bodies produce — are “arguably one of the most widespread and versatile signaling molecules known to man.”

Thought to have evolved over 500 million years ago and found in all invertebrates (birds, reptiles, fish, etc.), endocannabinoid receptors are present throughout the entire body, from skin to bone, fat to skeletal muscle, to the heart, liver, pancreas, blood vessels, kidney, and gastrointestinal tract. You get the picture. This complex system touches all parts of our corporeal experience, from pain to memory to appetite to sleep to even our reproductive systems — and more. It can produce an overall experience of conscious wellness that, once you recognize it, is something you want to feel again and again.

Which of course is why CBD should be a part of a daily routine to improve your life. Keeping your endocannabinoid system healthy, balanced, and happy literally means keeping every part of your body that way. Non-intoxicating CBD has all of the benefits of the cannabis plant but doesn’t get you “high.” Rather, CBD can be extracted to offer a range of benefits depending on your mood, need, and time of day.

Science always leads the way at Reed’s Remedies and we have formulated our exactly dosed sprays to give your body just what it needs when it needs it, from Focus to Sleep to Relief and beyond. Because what happens when your endocannabinoid system is in balance is not a new feeling. You’ve experienced it before. It’s how you feel when you are rested, calm, relaxed, available, open, and interested. It’s how healthy people who don’t suffer from illness should feel much of the time but sadly most don’t

CBD can be a teacher to those of us who aren’t in rhythm with our own selves (and yes, that’s all of us). CBD applied prudently and with intent reminds us how it feels to slough off unnecessary cares, how to let our shoulders drop and allow tension to fall away, how to breathe deeply, and follow our breath’s path. In fact, we might be so bold as to assert that CBD helps us remember how to be happy. 

After all, happiness isn’t just a reaction; it’s a state of being. It’s a place you deserve to occupy. It’s how you were born to be. All of us were. You might say it’s a birthright. Take yours back. It’s yours to have.