Incorporating CBD Into Your Daily Routine

It’s no surprise that Reed’s Remedies founder Melissa Parker believes in the power of CBD. Melissa trained as a nurse so she knows that science is power — and that science believes in CBD. 

Unfortunately, Melissa also knows pain. Suffering from migraines and autoimmune issues for years left her drained and exhausted, missing the energy she needed to keep up with her growing family. Opioids weren’t a plan as she didn’t want to feel drugged or groggy around her kids. 

CBD was an option she initially viewed skeptically, worried that she’d feel the effects more typical of high THC marijuana use. But CBD didn’t add a layer of confusion or tiredness to her day; rather, it eased her symptoms and gave her the confidence that relief is always within reach.

Having founded a company devoted to its benefits, Melissa uses CBD to support different aspects of her daily routine. Sometimes it’s there to focus; other times, to relax. Taken in regular doses throughout the day, CBD complements the endocannabinoid system that is present throughout each of our bodies. When paired with a self-care routine, the combo is very powerful!

Here’s how Melissa stays active and well, able to care for her family, particularly now that the kids are always around and her husband is working from his home office. While there’s no best time to take CBD, it is a component of a healthy routine!


Melissa’s Morning CBD Routine

  • Set Intentions. I like to awaken when the sun comes through our bedroom window and either meditate or simply set my intention for the day while still in bed.
  • Prepare for the Day. Wash my face, apply sunscreen, and put on comfy work-from-home clothes. We don’t go out much these days!
  • Rehydrate. I need to sleep at least eight hours, so when I awaken I’m thirsty. Drinking warm lemon water in the morning to rehydrate has become a key tool for me. I’m following an intermittent fasting rhythm so don’t eat for the first several hours of each day. I find that the warm lemon water stimulates my digestion while quelling those first hunger pangs.
  • Stretch It Out. Maintaining a gentle yoga practice helps me find joy in each day — not to mention helping my hips to open and my lower back to relax. After lying still all night, I love the way yoga helps open me up to the day.
  • Focus. Around 9 am, I take a single 7mg dose of my Focus formula to get my working hours started. It helps give me the energy to run my business while juggling the kids’ needs.


Midday CBD Routine

  • Break the Fast. I prefer to eat around midday and allow myself whatever assortment of fresh seasonal foods are available. A crisp salad, a gorgeous peach, a tuna fish sandwich, or whatever the kids are having sounds great to me. 
  • Reset. If I am feeling a bit wound up during the workday, I will take a single 7mg dose of my Calm formula to reset my mood and settle my nerves. If I need more energy and help with concentration then I turn to another spray of my  Focus formula. 
  • Walk. If even only around the block, a midday walk is a simple pleasure I hate to miss. I particularly love it if one of my daughters comes along so that we can have some alone time together.
  • Look Ahead. There’s still dinner to make and all the hubbub of a family at day’s end to consider. 


Bedtime CBD Routine

  • The List. Before winding down, I create a list of things to do tomorrow so I don’t have to think of any of those things once I get into bed. Emptying them out of my head and onto paper allows me to rest more deeply.
  • No More Nom-Nom. We’re careful to stop eating by 8 pm, tops.
  • Netflix and Will(power). My husband and I work out in the living room together these days while watching movies. It’s the only way we can fit in hanging out together, catching up on our shows, and burning some calories… multitasking at its finest! 
  • Loosen Up. We enjoy finishing our routines with an evening stretch that helps us wind down together. 
  • Skin First. I cleanse and moisturize my face with natural products and rub Soothe balm on my sore muscles and areas of dry skin. It’s even healing on my, ugh, adult acne spots.
  • Dose to Drowse. Before kissing my husband goodnight, I take two sprays of the Sleep formula to support a deep and refreshing night of rest. Tomorrow will be here soon enough and I want to be ready! 

With each bottle of Reed’s Remedies delivering an exact 7mg dose, everyone can feel assured when they reach for Reed’s CBD throughout the day.