Why Are Terpenes Important?

Terpenes are typically associated with the smell and taste of a cannabis strain, but that is just the beginning of their importance. Terpenes affect our overall experience with cannabis, and it is not limited to our primary senses. These abundant and volatile plant compounds play an essential role in how cannabis makes us feel. Plants of all kids contain terpenes which serve in their survival by protecting them against pests, bacteria, mold,

How to Choose the Best CBD Oil

How to Choose the Best CBD Oil

Since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp farming is starting to make a huge comeback. This is great news, as hemp is arguably the most useful industrial material and the most environmentally friendly.  With more hemp being planted we are now seeing more and more CBD oil brands being introduced onto the marketplace. Now more than ever, it is important to distinguish companies that go the extra mile to provide q

CBD Oil Formulated to Improve Focus

CBD is most commonly known for reducing stress, relieving pain, and aiding sleep; but what if I told you it could also improve concentration? It is easy to get restless and distracted in today’s busy world. Stressors at work and at home also play a major role in our ability to concentrate and stay motivated. In addition, if you struggle with anxiety, depression, or insomnia there are additional factors that limit y