What to Look For Before Buying a CBD Product

What to Look For Before Buying a CBD Product Still unregulated by the Food and Drug Administration, CBD can be confusing to purchase. With a dizzying amount of products available everywhere from the fancy car wash to the supermarket shelf to the espresso stand to luxury retailers to websites to . . . it’s a lot to figure out. But when it comes down to it, quality hemp-derived CBD

Reed’s Remedies Mixology: CBD Tonic Recipes

There’s something about a refreshing cocktail that just spells relaxation, self-reward, and celebration. However, many of us are looking for a healthy alternative and moving away from alcohol use. For a drink that’s equally as refreshing as a cocktail but has wellness boosting properties, try mixing up a “mocktail” with a dash of Reed’s RemediesREAD MORE

CBD for Morning CBD for Night 

Incorporating CBD Into Your Daily Routine It’s no surprise that Reed’s Remedies founder Melissa Parker believes in the power of CBD. Melissa trained as a nurse so she knows that science is power — and that science believes in CBD.  Unfortunately, READ MORE

Too Much, Too Little: Dosing with CBD

It’s kind of crazy that humans and the cannabis plant have coexisted thousands of years (at least) and here we are still trying to figure out how much CBD to take! Reed

Listen to Your Body (It Wants CBD)

For reasons both mysterious and beautiful, the human body is entirely wired to interact with cannabinoids — and to produce its own version of them. Somehow, for some reason, our species evolved over the millennia to receive and benefit from the properties of the cannabis plant. According to a UCLA study,

Nature Knows Best: Pure Natural CBD Oil Explained

For centuries, cultures around the world have used nature as a source of medicine and relief. Whether it's drinking chamomile tea to relax or applying honey as an antibacterial, nature in its pure state knows exactly what it's doing — and hemp is no different.  At Reed's Remedies, all of our pure natural CBD products are about as close to nature as you can get. While there are many natural CBD products on the mark