Listen to Your Body (It Wants CBD)

For reasons both mysterious and beautiful, the human body is entirely wired to interact with cannabinoids — and to produce its own version of them. Somehow, for some reason, our species evolved over the millennia to receive and benefit from the properties of the cannabis plant. According to a UCLA study,

Nature Knows Best: Pure Natural CBD Oil Explained

For centuries, cultures around the world have used nature as a source of medicine and relief. Whether it's drinking chamomile tea to relax or applying honey as an antibacterial, nature in its pure state knows exactly what it's doing — and hemp is no different.  At Reed's Remedies, all of our pure natural CBD products are about as close to nature as you can get. While there are many natural CBD products on the mark

Top Five Best CBD Sleep Rituals

You deserve to sleep deeply and well each night, rise rested, and feel well enough to handle each new day with the strength and grace it deserves. Sounds simple enough, but for reasons ranging from fluctuating hormones to the daily news, a good night’s sleep can be an elusive goal. Establishing a regular nighttime routine improves your hea

Stay Calm and CBD On

Sometimes interpreted as a curse, the phrase “May you live in interesting times” has undeniable applications to our world today. All of us are impacted by the global pandemic and societal crises of the day, even if we try not to dwell upon them. Add working at home while te